Katja Krellig Orte
»Finding the right location is not a big issue. Yet, it can make a big contribution to the process. – What feels good is meant to be chosen.«

There are creative choices here. - I would like to surprise you.


In the classic version, the coaching takes place in Leipzig.

Here, I mainly use the rooms of Contorhaus-Leipzig.

Of course, we can also meet at your company or another desired location for executive or team coaching.

I would be happy to clarify the general conditions in a free initial consultation


Sitting inside builings to do a coaching? Most of you have that in everyday worklife already. 

Let´s set off into an inspiring environment where ideas and energy can flow more easily. 

I invite you to my comfortably refurbished Swedish-style shepherd´s hut. There is a lot of nature all around, in which you can breathe freely and deeply. 

You prefer to be more active? Then try one of my active coaching formats. In the active coahcing format, we go for a walk by the lake, through a forest, through the wetlands of the river Mulde or visit a hunter´s perch.

The goal is to get out and find something that speaks to you, inspires you and promotes creativity and flexibility in your thoughts. What speaks to you and inspires you, promotes the freedom in your mind that it takes to create change!

In a free initial consultation, we can clarify what your preferences are.


You are also welcome to meet me virtually for coaching.

An online format saves time when there is little of it and also hekps to overcome long distances. 

Don’t worry, closeness is created through good communication! 

My experiences with online coaching, and those of my clients, have been very positive. With the help of suitable online platforms (e.g., Zoom, Teams, Mural or Miro etc.) we will achieve the same positive effects as if we were sitting face-to-face. 

Feel free to try it out in a free initial consultation with me.