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Validated and individual results with the DNLA analysis

With DNLA – Discovering Natural Latent Abilities – a person’s innate potential can be recognized and further developed. In particular, it measures your own abilities in the areas of social, management and leadership skills, which are crucial for your career. Accurate and differentiated results form the basis for the further individual development process.

The analysis developed by DNLA GmbH is based on research by the Max Planck Institute in Munich and works according to the principle “Benchmarking with the Best”. The benchmark for determining one’s own position is therefore not all people or all colleagues who do a comparable job, but only those who pursue their profession with success, commitment and joy and thus achieve very good results. Your personal development is derived from this and targeted effectively.

However, a company can only be truly successful if there are more than just good individuals working. They should also function as a team and, above all, complement each other in terms of their skills. The team development analyses provide a basis for significantly improving the performance of a team.

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With the free DNLA – Discovering Natural Latent Abilities – test, a person’s naturally existing potential can be identified and further developed.