Team Coaching
»Together, not against each other, and considering failures as an opportunity for growth.«

individual solutions for teams - better collaboration and performance

Systemic team coaching focuses on the individuality and challenges of each team and its members. Only solutions that reflect and meet the unique needs of a particular team allow for a more effective job performance.

If you would like your team to discover a new working culture together, develop effective strategies for overcoming challenges, find a viable solution to a conflict, or focus on existing strengths, I would be happy to assist you.

As a DNLA-consultant I also use scientific proofed tools to analyze and develope potentials. High performance teams are the outcome of using the full potential of every team member.

foster self-control, trust, and responsibility in teams

On the way to a meaningful work culture, based on responsibility, mindfulness, and appreciation, my professional support helps teams in the following ways:

  • to formulate new and more coherent rules for cooperation,
  • to establish joint reflection practices,
  • to formulate persistent team rules to stick with new behaviors,
  • to get orientation and support in suitable team rituals,
  • to sole acute or re-occuring conflicts,
  • to give appreciative feedback.

Based on my own professional career, I particularly enjoy supporting start-ups,  companies undergoing change, and educational teams at private schools.

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