Team Coaching
»Together, not against each other, and considering failures as an opportunity for growth.«

individual solutions for teams - better collaboration and performance

If you want your team to discover a culture of togetherness in which mutual support and goal achievement take the highest priority instead of lowperformance or co-existence, I would be happy to assist you. We will find effective ways to overcome your challenges as a team by focusing on existing strengths.

Systemic team coaching focuses on the individuality of each team and its members. Only solutions that reflect and meet the unique needs of this particular team allow for a more effective job performance.

As a DNLA-consultant I also use scientific proven tools to analyze and develope potentials. High performance teams are the outcome of using the full potential of every team member.

foster self-control, trust, and responsibility in teams

On the way to a meaningful work culture, based on responsibility, mindfulness, and appreciation, my professional support helps teams in the following ways:

  • develop clear, achievable and shared goals,
  • establish a very open and at the same time supportive communication,
  • to formulate new and more coherent rules for cooperation,
  • to be reliable and take responsibility,
  • have orientation and maintain strength through appropriate regeneration management,
  • to establish joint reflection practices,
  • to give appreciative feedback.

Based on my own professional career, I particularly enjoy supporting start-ups,  companies undergoing change, and teams at private schools.

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Analyze your strengths now

With the free DNLA – Discovering Natural Latent Abilities – test, a person’s naturally existing potential can be identified and further developed.