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»What are your essential answers that help you master the art of leadership?«

the art of leadership: use power consciously and keep it under controll

You already do a lot for your team and maybe it works out quiet good but absorbes a lot of energy to keep the status or get somewhere further. You ask yourself for a solution to establish more fun and ease in your managing skills? You are not even thinking about associating these words with your role as a leader? Or do you just want to be accompanied well because you have just taken on a leadership role?

In systemic coaching, I assist people in management and/or leadership positions through  personal development. Based on the unique situations and the resluting concerns, that come with leadership roles, we create coherent solutions for current questions. These include dealing with tricky situations with employees, resolving conflicts in astructured way, or finding coherant solutions, among many others.

Potential topic areas:

  • development of your own leadership skills,
  • personal growth and development,
  • self-reflection, your role and leadership behavior,
  • preparation for and support of new tasks, roles and positions,
  • career development and questions regarding your career path,
  • work-life balance,
  • self-management,
  • stress reduction and burn-out prevention.

Women in leadership positions are particulary close to my heart.
Would you like to explore the complex and powerful potential of a female leader and at the same time conserving enough energy for yourself? I look forward to working with you on this.

As a DNLA-consultant I also use scientific proven tools to analyze and develope your potentials. We build up your leadership strenght on the potentials you already have.

Is there a topic missing in the list? You have questions?
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Only three things happen naturally in organisations:

friction, confusion and underperformance. Everything else requieres leadership.
-Peter Drucker-

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