»Someday you might realize that it's time to confide in a third party to help you both find solutions.«

issues couples face are as different as the couples themselves – let us go on an expedition together

The quality of our well-being is also affected by the quality of our relationships. Of course, intimate relationships and partnerships have a very special status. Every stage in life presents unique challenges for couples and you may find yourselves in tricky situations with no easy-way-out insight. Disputes and questions arise as to “Where are we going?” or “What are we doing this for?”.

Topics can be:  

  • the desire to experience fewer arguments and less frustration with each other,
  • ability to talk to each other mindfully, learn how to communicate successfully,
  • just the feeling of having grown apart,
  • regain appreciation and trust,
  • learning to deal with family changes: pregnancy, birth, unfulfilled wish to have children, children moving out, professional/local change,
  • pleasurable sexuality or a redefinition of it, 
  • healing from infidelity –  because this is not always the end,
  • go or stay…

These are all serious issues, but they are often manageable!

Looking for someone to talk to about your relationship is already a big step. I am happy to offer you the opportunity to take time to rethink perspectives and ideas in our coaching. With this work, you will certainly manage to gain a new understanding of your relationship. This will allow you to make a clear decision. 

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