good structure

Anika K (26 y.), Program Manager Clean Heating Transition, Rhode Island (USA)


I have always been a bit skeptical of life coaching, since I had the misperception that it was too unstructured and focused too much on the influence of emotion in making big life decisions. Katja showed me that this is not the case. She used clear and helpful tools to help me reconsider my perspective on things and focus on what matters to me.


I had coaching sessions with her at a moment in my life that I didn’t realize was going to be very pivotal for my young career. Just before, and in the midst of, a big transition, Katja’s sessions helped me focus on certain attitudes of mine that were holding me back and shift my perspective. This helped me be open to new opportunities and pathways in my life. Katja’s wonderfull coaching room was the perfect backdrop for reflection and growth. She creates a very serene and warm environment, where I really felt able to take a step back from the outside world and focus on personal things I wanted to examine.


The tools and techniques Katja uses helped bring structure to my thoughts, and her methods helped open my mind to new possibilities, ways of reflecting on my experiences and wants for the future.