valuable insights

Claudia N. (42 y.), manager Fraunhofer Institute, Leipzig


The coaching came at exactly at the right time for me. I was in the process of a professional change to a management position. With Katja as a coach, I was able to experience very new impulses to reflect as I was not used to up to that moment.


We worked through issues and challenges occurring at work. This helped me to understand the origin of certain behaviors of mine. Katja manages to create a very safe atmosphere in which it is possible to even deal with supposedly “difficult” topics.


After each appointment, I always took new insights with me. I was able to successfully integrate them instantly into my professional and private everyday life.


Even so I had already used some elements beforehand, I can now realy name them, which opens up completely new doors for me.


Katja’s coaching approach is really a good support, which leads from professional coaching to deeper personal insights. This also helps me perfectly in my private life.