great tools

Lydia T. (32 y.), Occupational Therapist, Leipzig

With the help of Katja and her objective perspective from the outside, I can break down old thought patterns and behaviors and relearn them in a goal-oriented manner. Step by step we were able to analyze and work though my basic problem. It was very important for me to take home strategies for everyday life, so that I could work on my own in the long term. I was given very valuable “tools” and I always had the opportunity to ask for advice if I was unsure.


The coaching with Katja helped me to take on new perspectives and to recognize where my options for action are.


In summary, I felt constantly safe and taken care of. The coaching always took place in a very pleasant atmosphere, which kept the feel-good factor constantly high.


I’m very grateful for the sessions and what I’ve been able to take away with me up to this point.
A very valuable address!