What do I actually want?

Patrick H. (45 y.), Head of Finances, Biotec Company, Leipzig


In my mid-40s, halfway through my working life, I suddenly started asking myself all sorts of questions: How to proceed now? Should I try something new again or am I satisfied with what I have? What can I do and what do others appreciate about me? Will I regret later on if I don’t listen to my heart? And why am I asking myself these questions now?


Of course you talk about these topics in the family or among friends, but you regularly lack the distance. I met Katja incidentally and she offered me to sort my questions and, in particular look at the different topics from different perspectives. At first, I thought that Katja would answer all my questions. I quickly understood that this is not the case. With a very structured and methodical approach, she made it possible for me to find the answers myself during the conversation and, surprisingly, afterwards too.


Now, after 15 years, I changed my job and am in charge of a department in a mid-sized company. And most importantly – I will never have to regret not having done it, also thanks to Katja.